Provide logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers who wish to conduct filming and/or photography abroad. Often working as a production coordinator and excellent with formulating alternative plans accommodating all needs to client's expectations, time, and budget. 

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Maruti Blue Productions offers exceptional and myriad services to local and international filmmakers whom are seeking to film in Brazil; being well connected with staff in the UK and Brazilian filmmakers. Maruti Blue Productions is a network that covers: an experienced fixer, location scouting, shooting, translation, transportation, photography and success in gaining licensure, permits, and releases. 



Maruti Blue Productions provides efficient but also reliable chauffeurs that are knowledgeable of the city’s whereabouts. Beyond from taking a client from point A to point B, these are dependable resources that will ensure your comfort and safety.




In order to execute a successful project, we understand that all forms of equipment are necessary. We can assure any equipment rental at partnered companies at an affordable price. 



We provide a well rounded team that consists of national and international photographers and film makers that have had several years of experience. Every person on the team has had at least 5 years experience in this field. Personal Assistant A personal assistant is one of the most useful assets to your team and at times the only thing you may need, someone who can reliably set up accommodations to local hotels or hostels stays. Our personal assistant is well equipped and knowledgeable of the community in order to meet a client’s needs and within budget. 



Maruti Blue Productions wants to make your shoots as seamless as possible and therefore permits are necessary. With us, we can make sure your applications are conducted and executed on time and as quick as possible. Translation\Interpretation To ensure all projects are conducted accordingly, translation and interpretation are helpful for on set needs, coordinating services, and understanding all documents. Our translators have at least six years of experience.


We are insiders, connectors to many sectors and places. Maruti Blue Productions works to connect our client’s project goals to the resources required for successful delivery. We are here to be the solutions to your concerns and issues covering production, photography, filming, journalism and many other areas.

Our company began in 2008 as a small company offering fixer and personal assistant services. Our capabilities and network of resource providers have increased greatly, in line with demand for our services.

Maruti Blue Productions offers top quality local support for film makers seeking to create productions in Brazil. We provide experienced fixers and producers, location scouting, shooting, translation, transportation, photography and management of applications for licenses, permits, and releases.